The restaurant

Approaching the extraordinary heritage made up of the wealth of raw materials and food products offered by this geographical area requires knowledge and culture, with respect and responsibility that are essential to tradition, but we add to this predisposition the innovation that distinguishes us in the crowded panorama of excellent catering.

For centuries, this land that hosts our location offers meat, vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses, wines and good quality oils, without any exceptional terms, that only an artisan know-how, of which we are proud depositaries, allows transforming into dishes that make such a precious gastronomic tradition merit and honor.

But the elegance and refinement, aesthetic columns on which we have built this reality, also illuminate our approach to catering: aesthetics, details, colorings, combinations, innovations, techniques, research and modernity of the Our chefs making our culinary offer something simply unique, which we can offer with the pride, in the name of a taste that is indelibly imprinted in the memory.

Restaurant timetable

From Abril 1st to October 31th

Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, lunch and dinner


From November 1st to March 31th

Open on Saturday and Sunday, dinner and lunch, with daily menu and à la carte


In weekly days, the guests will have the possibility to try some Km0 typical products, with cup of wine, water and coffee (€10)