The estate

The Estate

When this estate was restored, a wonderful surprise flew over the workers: a kestrel had nested right there.

A good omen, a symbol of refinement, a tangible and irrefutable demonstration of the purity of nature in which this nineteenth-century farmhouse is immersed.

The kestrel is a bird of prey that belongs to the falcon family and is distinguished by two characteristics: it lives only in green areas, uncontaminated, pure and in open countryside’s, and is equipped with a vault in the air, even in hunting situations, which it represents one of the most elegant flight techniques in the volatile world.

With a skillful restoration, which has exalted its solid rural elegance, Tenute del Gheppio is born.

Our pool

The enchantment of the lush and generous nature in which our estate is immersed is embellished by the refined charm of the pool, which offers our guests a further option to fully enjoy the magical atmosphere of our location. The pool design has been studied up to the smallest detail, to fit perfectly into the natural setting of the Tenute, offering an area of fresh and sober elegance surrounded by greenery, in perfect communion with the other architectural and landscape elements that surround by it.

Tenute’s magic

The nineteenth-century farmhouse “La Sala”, with an elegant restoration, has acquired a new, luxurious life with the splendor of the “Gheppio’s” estates.

Refurbished aiming at elegance, and in harmony with the rural environment, it is proposed as a location of excellence for events and weddings, with the added value of a very high-quality restaurant, refined and genuine flavors, coming from the use of KM0 products, coming from the Tenute’s land.

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…Between nature and history….

The places where these estate stands have been, for centuries, a crossroads of peoples and historical events fundamental for Campania.

The birth of the “La Sala” farmhouse dates back to the beginning of the seventeenth century, thanks to the Abenante families and Merrone, after which they reorganized the entire agricultural area, giving impetus to a fervent profitable activity in the fields of cultivation and breeding, exploiting the exceptional resources offered by nature, generous and lavish with treasures.

…Elegance and excellence…

The entire region experienced a period of economic splendor, which only the brigandage and the political and historical adversities of the time were able to slow down, leading to a decline that resulted in abandonment.

Since 2007 the Gigliotti family has successfully faced the challenge of bringing back the past glories of this area, transforming the old farmhouse in this beautiful location, called today Tenute del Gheppio, and focusing on the excellence of land’s products, such as wines and olive oil, thus succeeding is giving this enchanted territory the opportunity to best express its natural characteristics.

…Preserving its treasures

The cellars, dug in the tuff, still retain their essential function in the maturation and conservation of wines and oils, carrying on a centuries-old tradition that, beyond the extraordinary aesthetic beauty of a well-preserved place in time, still manages to express pristine and fabulous tastes, nuances and fragrances