Our “Wedding” proposal

Every wedding is an extraordinary, complex and kaleidoscopic event, in which a multitude of elements are linked together, building together what, by definition is defined as the special day.

Wedding Promo

Welcome drink served in the evocative historic cellars of the nineteenth century

Non-alcoholic cocktail, Prosecco

Assorted canapés, rolls with wild herbs from the Tenuta,

Montanarine with Monaco provolone, Canapè, mini sandwiches


Buffet served on the outdoor terrace:

Il Friggitore

Calzoncelli, Arancini, Croquettes, Pancake fondue, Tempura vegetables, Eggplant meatballs, Small bowls with fried fish, Stuffed courgette flowers

Il Casaro & Il Salumiere

Smoked provola, fresh and seasoned Pecorini Taglieri

Grain and walnuts, honey and jams

Buffalo dop bra, buffalo mozzarella

Stuffed Mozzarella Pettola, raw ham cut, Soppressate and capocollo

Sweet and spicy salami of the Tenute, Coppa and Sopressata, local Bacon


Bread corner

Fantasy of rustic pies with broccoli and sausage,

escarole and olives, with ricotta and cured meats from Tenute

Pan Danube, Quiche Loraine, Baskets with Special Breads:

with sesame, walnuts, rye, yellow tomato, butter


In the hall

2 First courses of your choice (1 of land and 1 of sea)

Risotto with zucchini flowers, courgettes and provolone del monaco dop

Mezzelune of fresh pasta filled with cheese fondue, smoked beef and porcini mushrooms

Gragnano paccheri with ragout of wild boar and diced apple annurca

Fagottini stuffed with buffalo burrata on pachino and basil velvety

Hard wheat paccheri with pumpkin flowers and baby squid

Risotto with pea cream and lime flavored scallops

Ravioli with buffalo ricotta flakes and granseola pulp with sautéed piennolo cherry tomatoes

Broken candle with white clay, julienne of courgettes and brunoise of tomato ox heart


1 Second course of your choice

Medallion of black kestrel piglet in pistachio crust, reduction of balsamic vinegar of Modena, stuffed Taburno potato

Fillet of veal seared in a pan on polenta biscuit with black truffle and seasonal vegetable pralines

Veal medallion with licorice, edible flowers and artichoke and mint flan

Wellinghton beef fillet with pomme pount neuf potatoes



Pineapple carpaccio with pralines and three melons

Wedding Cake

Water, drinks, wine pairing, coffee and digestives


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