Our “18 years” birthday proposal

Come and celebrate your birthday in Tenute! Here is our menu proposal.

Welcome drink

Non-alcoholic cocktail, Juices

Zeppoline of “grown” pasta

Classic montanarine


The Buffet

Cold cuts of cold meats

(sweet salami, spianata spicy, raw ham, local bacon, capocollo)

Walnuts and honey

Buffalo buffalo mozzarella dop

Stuffed mozzarella casserole with cooked and rucola

Smoked provola


Classic Italian frying

“Croquette, arancini, stuffed calzoncini, vegetables in tempura, mozzarella in carrozza”


Baker corner

Classic margherita pizza, marinara pizza

White pizza with ham and corn cream

Rosemary buns, stuffed oil sandwiches

Pan Danube and Pan Canaste


1  First dish to choose

Half paccheri with cherry tomatoes and bacon

Cicatelli with speck, zucchini and provola

White pie of baked pasta with cooked parma and mushrooms



Thanksgiving cake with a glass of sparkling wine


(The personalized cake is to be counted separately as an extra service)

Adding a second course extra € 10 per person

Adding buffet of sweets € 5 per person (3 pieces of small pastries per person)

Contact us to know more!